Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How to 3 star all TH9 Farming Bases?

Hello Clashers!

Does your Base always gets barely 3-stared by the last few archers or low health
heroes in Clan War? Then I got the perfect tip for you.

A lot of Players still put a single collector or builders hut in a corner, hoping that
the attacker might not notice them and distract the troops or even prevent the 3-star at
the end because he might ran out of time. But if he notices it it's just free percentages for him and that
doesn't help your Clan or You.

The trick? Use Teslas.
If you just put a single of your teslas in a corner of the map the attacker won't be able to see
it. But how does it help? Well first of all he won't get free percentages because he won't even know
that there is a building there. Now after the attacker destroyed you base and has only a couple of low
health troops left, because your base took out the high HP ones - or weakened them significantly, your
tesla will have shown up and it will be the last structure. The low health troops will go for it and
violâ - the last defense on the map will defend itself against these last few troops; and may save the day by preventing the 3-star.


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